Minibus Leasing Tables

The following tables detail the current leasing offers that we have on the minibuses that we can supply. Note that we use the terms Leasing, Contract Hire, Business Contract HIre and Personal Contract Hire  to mean the same thing. You pay a monthly amount plus an advance payment to hire a minibus for a set period of time and hand the vehicle back at the end of the term.

However, there are two main types to be aware of, Business Contract Hire (BCH in the tables below) and Personal Contract Hire (PCH). BCH attracts vat and all of the figures titled BCH, including the advance payment (deposit) are plus VAT at 20%. PCH has the VAT element already included so that is the figure you pay if you take a personal contract.


  • The non maintained column ('Non Maint') includes annual road fund licence and breakdown cover.
  • In addition the fully maintained column ('Maint') includes a servicing package which also covers exhaust, tyres and battery etc.
  • A deposit is required and is calculated by multiplying either the Non Maint or Maint column by 3. This deposit also attracts VAT for BCH customers and is payable when the contract starts. The monthly figures will be payable at a period of either 30 days or a calendar month later. The exact timing of payments will be explained on the finance documents that you sign.
  • The below figures do not constitute a formal offer for a Minibus contract hire. Written details available upon request. Terms and conditions apply.

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Renault Minibus Leasing offers (NB. table below is sorted by ascending monthly price)

ModelTypeYearsAnnual MileageNon Maint MonthlyMaint MonthlyView